What is a Clinical Management Program?

The program is designed on evidence-based standards of practice to optimize patient outcome and have a significant positive impact on the patient’s quality of life.  The program efficiently utilizes all available resources and provides individualized services in a timely and effective manner.  The program assesses, monitors, trends and evaluates each patient adherence to the medication therapy treatment plan and issues that may prevent a patient from maintaining a high compliance ratio. The program also identifies high risk patients and implements interventions to prevent or decrease adverse events.

Does the Clinical Management Program provide clinical services besides that of a pharmacist?

Lefrak Meds Specialty Pharmacy’s healthcare team is composed of highly trained, skilled and professional clinicians including:

  • Pharmacists
  • Technicians
  • A Nurse

To assist you or your patient with their individual and specialized needs, Lefrak Meds Specialty Pharmacy offers free consultations, ongoing education, and coordination of care with other members of the patient’s healthcare team

What are the components of a successful Clinical Management Program?

The clinical management program includes complex integrated components:

  • Medication Adherence/Compliance Program
  • Drug Utilization Review (DUR)
  • Disease-specific assessment and reassessment based on national standards of practice
  • Patient Education and Consulting
  • Coordination of Care and Services
  • Ongoing Performance Quality Improvement Program
  • Risk Assessment
  • Assessing for Adverse Events (potential and actual)
  • Immediate notification of potential or actual event to the appropriate clinical staff
  • Interventions to reduce the risk of potential or actual events
  • Regular and “At Risk” Follow-up
  • Concurrent and retrospective chart audits

At the time of the initial referral or initial physician order, a member of Lefrak Meds Specialty Pharmacy’s staff initiates an initial assessment and based on the findings, an individualized disease-specific Plan of Care is developed in collaboration with the patient, prescriber and at times the insurer. The Plan of Care has interventions and measurable goals.  The patient’s strengths and weakness are regularly assessed to best meet the individual patient needs.

The staff conducts ongoing reassessments of the client to identify changes in the client or needs for service, treatment or care and the plan of care is updated as warranted by the disease state or at least every six months. Clinical staff reviews the data collected during the assessment/reassessment process.  An evidence-based plan of care is developed to optimize the patient outcome and quality of life

A member of our clinical staff is available by phone, email, and in person to address your questions, order status, or your needs to optimize your best outcomes.

Is compliance to medication therapy important?

Lefrak Meds Specialty Pharmacy understands how crucial a patient’s compliance to their prescribed therapy is to the outcome of the client therapy program for their specific disease state. Noncompliance or poor compliance to the patient medication treatment plan significantly increases the risk of poor outcomes, adverse events, and on the person’s quality of life

  • Lefrak Meds Specialty Pharmacy’s Clinical Management Program is designed to support the goals of:
  • Maintaining a consistent high medication compliance
  • Educating patients in regards to their medication treatment plan and disease state(s)
  • Increasing patient ability and confidence of self-management of their medications
  • Medication therapy supported by evidence based clinical guidelines for the best outcomes
  • Reduce the risk of adverse events such as missing hours from work or school, ER visit related to your primary disease state, unplanned doctor visits. moderate to significant side effects, or reaction

The Clinical Management Program is designed to quickly identify a patient that is not compliant with the prescribed medication treatment plan through various means such as the assessment and reassessment progress, evaluating the medication on hand when scheduling a delivery.  The staff of Lefrak Meds Specialty Pharmacy works with the client, healthcare team and available resources to implement appropriate interventions that will improve a client’s medication adherence.

Coordination of Care

Effective and efficient communication is the key to the success of coordination of care when utilizing a multidisciplinary team that includes but is not limited to the pharmacy, the pharmacist, technicians, nurse, physician, providers, the patient/caregiver and other exterior sources to optimize the best patient outcome based on evidence-based practice standards.

Mechanisms are in place to facilitate communication between all levels of the multidisciplinary team personnel, the practitioners, administration, the pharmacy, clients, and their families.

Continuity of care is facilitated by established formal and informal communication mechanisms between all disciplines providing care (whether directly or under contract).

These communication mechanisms include, but are not limited to:

  • Multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Written documentation of communication
  • Fax
  • Electronic mail
  • In person meetings
  • Telephone communications and voicemail
  • Reporting from and to on-call staff, practitioners, and the client.
  • Ad hoc/Patient Advocate case conferences when needed
  • Family meetings as appropriate

Communication for the coordination of care is ongoing throughout the course of services, care, and treatment.

How is the information collected and utilized to promote optimal patient outcomes?

Lefrak Meds Specialty Pharmacy trends and analyzes the data that is collected to assess the ratio of compliance/adherence by one of two calculation methods: Medication Possession Ratio or Proportion Days Covered.

The results are reviewed at least quarterly by Lefrak Meds Specialty Pharmacy’s Clinical Team and the Performance Improvement Committee and more frequently when appropriate.

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