The Lefrak Meds Pharmacy Mission

Lefrak Meds Pharmacy is an independently held healthcare company dedicated to being a customer focused and innovative partner, providing medication management and clinical services in a caring, cost-effective, supportive environment; keeping clients healthier longer…one client at a time. We are Your Specialty Pharmacy!

1 - At the time of hire and at least annually staff are orientated to the organization mission statement and their role in fulfilling the Mission of the organization.
2 - At the time of admission, the clients receive educated on the organization Mission Statement.
3 - At least every 36 months the Governing Body/owner review the Mission Statement and revise when deemed appropriate as the organization goals and value change.

Lefrak Meds Pharmacy is dedicated to providing exceptional customer experience with optimal outcomes while empowering the customer in self-management of their health. Lefrak Meds Pharmacy will provide care, treatment, and services in a caring, empathic, supportive and safe manner.

The Lefrak Meds Pharmacy Value Statement

Teamwork – We work together as a team; with the customer’s, provider’s, prescribers and the staff to building excellent relationships to achieve the best customer outcomes.
Passion: We strive to exhibit a supreme level of passion for our customers, prescriber’s, and providers in all we do.
Inspiration – Lefrak Meds Pharmacy encourages an atmosphere that inspires the team to individually meet their fullest professional and personal potential.
Diversity - We understand and appreciate the value of having diversity within the organization. Each unique individual background and life experiences enhance and is an asset the organization.
Accountability for our Actions and Results – We consistently guide and demonstrate being accountable for our course of actions and decisions to achieve excellent outcomes in being a successful organization.
Community - We are compassionate about our communities, we encourage and promote staff participates in providing services and supporting the community by being involved in positive community activities.
Empowering - We educate the customer and family/caregiver to empower the customer/caregiver to make the best decisions in their individual care, treatment, and services.
Outcomes - We strive to stay educated and competent in the standards of practice and the guidelines that provide the best customer outcomes.
Continuous Improvement - The organization strives to identify opportunities to improve in providing care, treatment or services to the customers, providers and prescriber.

The Lefrak Meds Pharmacy Vision

Lefrak Meds Pharmacy to become a national leader in integrated pharmacy services by providing high quality, cost-effective, and efficient treatment, care, and services while achieving and maintaining the best outcomes.

In addition to our services, we also make it easier for patients to pay for their pharmacy needs by offering Worker’s Compensation and No-Fault Insurance. We understand that when an accident happens, no one is at fault; that is why having insurance is essential to prevent potential liabilities and cover for treatment of injuries suffered at work or in a car accident.

When receiving your claims, your insurance carrier assesses the extent of damage. If you are found to be partially and/or completely at fault, your premium may increase. However, if an accident happens, you will be treated and all prescriptions given by the physician will be presented to your insurance carrier who will cover the charges and leave you with no obligations at all.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Lefrak Meds Pharmacy provides equal employment opportunity and client services. With complying practice of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, services, programs and or benefits shall be equally provided without regard for gender, color, national origin, religion, race, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status or parental status.

Privacy Policy

The preservation of your private information is highly essential at Lefrak Meds Pharmacy. We ensure that third parties are not allowed access to your personal information. Information that is gathered by our company through online forms is kept confidential.

Lefrak Meds Pharmacy

Lefrak Meds Pharmacy is your neighborhood drugstore ready to serve your medication and medical equipment needs. We invite you to shop at our pharmacy that is conveniently located for pick-up of prescriptions or for your health care supply needs.

Lefrak Meds Pharmacy’s Delivery Service is easy and convenient!