About MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease affecting the central nervous system. There are four types of MS; Relapsing-Remitting, Secondary-Progressive MS, Primary Progressive and Progressive-Relapsing MS. Diagnosis of MS is based on the patient’s history of symptoms and an MRI. An MRI is used to improve confidence in a clinical diagnosis of MS or to make a diagnosis of MS in clinically-isolated syndromes. The most common and present symptoms in the disease are: fatigue, depression, focal muscle weakness, visual changes, gait problems/spasticity and paresthesias.

While there is no cure for MS, there are disease-modifying treatments that are available to treat relapses, modify or reduce relapses and delay progression to disability to help better facilitate an acceptable quality of life. Once diagnosed with MS, early treatment is highly recommended. Studies show that early treatment delays disability, presumably by decreasing the injury to the nervous system caused by the disease.

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